International Journal of Science & Critics (e-ISSN: 2583-8601) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal that covers diversified areas of food technology and biotechnology. It was established in 2022. It’s a scientific platform for authors who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to publish their work online and share their knowledge. Global accomplishments, academic pursuits, research, and many other activities are welcomed. A completely open and accessible community is available for science enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals.


Our goal is to obtain recognition in the field of scientific publications by disseminating original, peer-reviewed articles of the highest caliber and veracity that are freely available to researchers across the globe. Our major objective is to offer a dependable, authentic, dynamic platform for all specialists and enthusiasts in the field of natural science to demonstrate their abilities. To provide everyone with the finest experience and knowledge roller coaster, our team works tirelessly. Through our platform, we think that every reader with an inquiring mind is motivated by both professional and personal aspirations so they can join us on this journey of discovery and growth for a brighter future.

Impact Factor – NA

Time to First Decision – 10 Days (Average)

Submission to publication time (After peer review) – 30 Days (Average)

Preferred Language- English

Frequency of Publication- 3 Months (4 Issues per Year)

Acceptance rate – 40%

Publication- Online Only

The International Journal of Science & Critics publishes the most advanced information on topics and happenings in the scientific community online. The major objective is to increase public understanding of new technologies by making excellent information available to anybody with an interest in science and technology. Publication in International Journal of Science & Critics will provide a special chance to share concepts, recent scientific discoveries, and more on a single platform. We publish high-caliber, timely, and engaging research and literature reviews.

Areas covered in this journal include physical and biological phenomena, scientific theories, and methods in Food Science & Biotechnology including but not limited to

Emerging Areas of Food Science and Technology

Novel Concepts of Food and Bioprocess Engineering

Product Development or Advances evolving in Food and Nutritional Sciences

Animal and Plant Biotechnology

Applications and Systems involved in Bio-Engineering

Nano-Technological interventions in Food and Biotechnology

Utilization of Food and Agricultural Wastes for Green Environment

Advancements and Emerging Technologies in Agricultural Engineering

Chemical Engineering & Technology

Environmental Science: Conservation and Natural Resource Management

Pharmaceutical Applications of Various Natural Food Products

Recent Insights in Applied Sciences